“Doing better than the world famous Americano cocktail, that’s almost impossible. Yet we decided to give it our own twist: the Belgian Americano was born.

Tools: cocktail spoon & measuring cup

Glass: Libbey cocktail glass

Ice: cubes

The taste

This cocktail has the unique ability to bring out the sweet taste of vermouth and the bitter taste of Biercee Bitter.

The ingredients

  • 30 ml (Belgian) red vermouth, possibilities are: Geers Vermouth, Speria Vermouth, etc.
  • 30 ml Biercee Bitter (= the Belgian version of Campari)
  • 100 ml of your favorite Belgian (neutral) tonic
  • 3-4 drops of grapefruit bitters
  • Apple orange peel

How to make the perfect Belgian Americano

  1. Fill the Libbey cocktail glass completely with ice.
  2. Add 30 ml Biercee Bitter and 30 ml red vermouth and stir with the cocktail spoon for 10 seconds.
  3. Now insert your cocktail spoon vertically into the glass and let 100 ml of neutral tonic flow gently along the spoon. In this way you can save the bubbles for your cocktail.
  4. Add three to four drops of grapefruit bitters to the cocktail.
    Finish off with a nice curled string of orange peel.
  5. Cheers!

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