If you aren’t on the Amalfi Coast fear not. You’re only a few steps away from feeling like you are. We’re going to guide you to create your own Limoncello, also called the ‘sweet lemon vodka thingy’.

Limoncello can taste quite plain, but a few extra elements can make it wonderful. Let’s take a look on all the ingredients you need.

The ingredients

2 kg lemons
250 g fine sugar
700 ml premium vodka
250 white port
10 g dried lemon balm

How the make the perfect Limoncello

Peel the lemons and combine all the peels and sugar in a sealable jar (+- 1 liter). Leave this combination to rest for two weeks in the fridge.

Cut the remaining lemons in half and grill them, flesh side down, in a dry grill pan set over a high heat for about one minute.

Combine the grilled lemons with the vodka in an airtight container and leave this to rest for two weeks at room temperature.

While waiting for two weeks, enjoy some Alchemist Cocktails. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last but not least, mix the white port and lemon balm together in a sealable jar and leave this to rest for one day.

After two long weeks, you’re almost ready. First you need to add 700 ml water to the lemon peel and sugar and stir until everything is dissolved.

Now strain all the different substances (vodka, white port, and water-sugar mixtures) through a coffee filter into a large bowl of saucepan.

Stir until everything is well combined and pour into a sterilized glass bottles.

Your limoncello is ready! Good job! Your limoncello will keep for up to one year in the fridge.

Grab yourself a glass filled with ice an go ahead, enjoy your homemade limoncello. Cheers!

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