De Red Ginger is een zoet, maar bitter alternatief van de Gin Tonic. Of zoals wij het noemen: een creatieve upgrade van de Gin Tonic.

During the famous gin hype in Belgium and the rest of the world, many people didn’t really enjoy gin because of its bitter taste. For these people, but also for all the others, we created a sweet, but not too sweet, alternative: the Red Ginger.

Spirit: Meyers Gin en Albatross Liquor
Smaak: zoet, bitter, zuur
Garnering: gedroogde bosvruchten, gedroogde gember, braambes of citroen
Alcohol: 11,6°
Houdbaarheid: 6 maand na aankoop.

We have done all the hard work so you can simply enjoy the fun of shaking, stirring and topping the perfect serve, over and over again. Just pour over ice, garnish and enjoy a perfectly served Red Ginger. Get yours and release your inner Alchemist.

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