De Lazy Rose is een bitterzoete variant van de bekende Lazy Red Cheeks cocktail. We combineren rozen met limoen in deze op vodka gebaseerde cocktail.

As true Alchemists we have done our own thing with it. For this cocktail recipe we work exclusively with fresh, homemade products for the ultimate flavor combination.

Spirit: Vodka
Flavors: Roses, Lime, Grapefruit
Garnish: Rose Petals, dried lime
Alcohol: 10,5°
Preservability: 2 months after purchase. Need to be kept cool after opening for a maximum of 2 weeks

We have done all the hard work so you can simply enjoy the fun of shaking, stirring and topping the perfect serve, over and over again. Just pour over ice, garnish and enjoy a perfectly served Lazy Rose. Get yours and release your inner Alchemist.

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