Dankzij de combinatie van lavendel, rozemarijn, limoen en gin waan je jezelf in de Provence met deze cocktail.

The Gimlet is the elegant grandfather among cocktails. Old-fashioned but refined. There is no rigidity in this old gentleman, the perfect Gimlet is a smooth combination of sweet and sour that drinks dangerously easily.

For the origins of the Gimlet we go back to the time when the British navy fleets sailed the oceans. The story goes that the officers mixed their rations of gin with lime juice to combat scabies. But they also drank it for fun. In any case, we advise you to do that now!

Based on this historical but unique cocktail, we set to work on adding our Alchemist twist. The result: the Lavender Gimlet.

Spirit: gin
Smaak: zoet en zuur
Garnering: rozemarijn, gedroogde limoen of gedroogde lavendel
Alcohol: 11,2°
Houdbaarheid: 2 maand na aankoop. Na opening koel bewaren voor maximum 1 maand. 

All our cocktails are handmade in our Antwerp atelier with nothing but local and fresh ingredients.

We have done all the hard work so you can simply enjoy the fun of shaking, stirring and topping the perfect serve, over and over again. Just pour over ice, garnish and enjoy a perfectly served Lavender Gimlet cocktail.



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